Are you ready to lead a healthier life but not sure where to start?
Have you tried diets in the past that aren't sustainable?

The Total Wellness Challenge Is For You!

The TWC is a 27-day online wellness program.

We Give You The Simple Guidelines
To Develop Healthy Habits To Change Your Life.


Weekly meal and snack ideas straight to your inbox

Learn natural techniques to end food cravings, and increase energy

Access to over 75 healthy recipes


Learn how to plan and stick with your fitness program

Earn points by exercising daily for just 30 minutes

Strengthen your immune system through diet and exercise


Practice new methods to help you handle stress

Increase your energy levels by improving your habits

Connect with the TWC community for support through our online portal

Want More Support?

Need a little extra attention and support? TWC now offers a more personal experience. For just an additional $125, you’ll receive individual support to help make your goals a reality!

Weekly personal exercise and meal plans—Healthy eating made simple
Two one-on-one phone calls—Nothing is off limits!
An analysis of your weekly diet—Learn why you’re not losing that weight!

Make gradual, sustainable changes to last your lifetime.

What Challengers Say ...

This challenge was a success for me. I have been able to stick with some changes and feel like I am in a much better place with my nutrition. I have learned a lot. Sometimes doing it is the hardest part, but it has been great to share in the effort thru fellow challengers and exercisers.

- Carol

I think overall I’ve learned to be more mindful about what I eat. When normally I would eat white rice, pasta, or bread without thinking, I will explore whether there are other options to eat instead. And if I end up eating the less healthy option, I’ll make a mental note of how my body feels afterwards.


Thank you, TWC! This was a tremendous experience. I am glad I finally dared to take the challenge.