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The Total Wellness Challenge is a 21-day online wellness game. We help you develop sustainable habits using food and lifestyle to improve your health and sense of wellbeing.
The Total Wellness Challenge is a 21-day online wellness program. We help you develop sustainable habits using food and lifestyle to improve your health for the long run.

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The Breakdown

For 21 days, players earn and post daily points in 3 categories: nutrition, movement and lifestyle. The idea is to be mindful and make progress over the 21 days and develop healthier habits that will stay with us for the long term. The TWC is a fun interactive online program that provides great motivation and accountability to help challengers improve their lives.

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What we eat and drink will significantly affect our health and our lives.

Learn natural techniques to end food cravings and incorporate health-promoting foods into your diet.

Access to healthy recipes to help you prepare your own food.

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Learn how to plan and stick with your fitness program

Earn points by exercising daily for just 30 minutes

Strengthen your immune system through diet and exercise

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Practice new methods to help you handle stress

Increase your energy levels by improving your habits

Connect with the TWC community for support through our online portal

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The TWC is a call to action! Take control of your health!


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The Next Challenge Starts September 21, 2020

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Weekly personal exercise and meal plans—Healthy eating made simple

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Two one-on-one phone calls—Nothing is off limits!

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An analysis of your weekly diet—Learn why you’re not losing that weight!

What people are saying:

My clothes are loose and I feel great. Now to maintain my success. That’s my big challenge. Thank you for a fantastic challenge! I can’t wait til the next one. And thank you to everyone for the support. Keep up the great work!

It was a great challenge and I’m so grateful that I did it. I really don’t ever want them to end. After all of the challenges I’ve done, I continue to learn new things each time. Thank you fellow challengers! I love reading your reflections and connecting with you during the TWC.

I always tell people that the Wellness Challenge changed my life. I had become resigned to wearing larger sizes and my waistline just disappeared under the fluffy tops I wore. I thought at age 60, this was how I was supposed to look-like my mother at this age. So, I did my first challenge. Within a week, changes began to occur with my body. It was remarkable. My stomach flattened and after 2 weeks I could actually fit into those pretty clothes I had put aside years ago that I couldn’t zip or fit over my thighs. By the end of the Challenge, I realized that just by following the food guides, things could change. I learned a lot from that first Challenge and I know now what food is going to keep me at a good weight and keep me feeling healthy. I highly recommend the TWC. It did change my life!

How We Started

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ginny wright

As an award-winning, certified health coach and personal trainer, my passion is to help my clients, as well as myself, to lead healthier, happier lives. A growing interest in Buddhism and mindfulness led to an increasing focus on lifestyle, and the way it affects our overall wellness.

Combining the three key elements of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness into a four-week program that stresses accountability, the Total Wellness Challenge was born!
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Make gradual, sustainable changes to last your lifetime.