About Ginny Wright

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Ginny Wright is an award-winning, certified health coach and personal trainer who founded Body by Ginny in 2003. BbG specializes in boot-camp style classes held in parks and other locations. All classes meet outside regardless of the weather. With new workouts and muscle groups targeted every time, clients who have been with BbG for more than 10 years say they have never had the same class twice! Workouts are continually updated and refined to keep up with current fitness trends and BBG’s aging, super-strong clients.

Ginny was certified as a health coach at the Center for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2009, and uses that knowledge to help herself and her clients lead healthier lives. A growing interest in Buddhism and mindfulness has led to an increasing focus on lifestyle issues as well.

Combining these three key elements of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness into a four-week program that stresses accountability, the Total Wellness Challenge was born!

For 30 days, players earn and post daily points in 3 categories: nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. The idea is to be mindful and make progress over the 30 days and develop healthier habits that will stay with us for the long term. Ginny worked with Tara Claeys of Design TLC to make the TWC and interactive game that is fun and easy to play online.

Ginny firmly believes that once people learn to take care of their bodies and minds, there will be a lot less disease and a lot more happy people in the world!

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