About Tara Claeys

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Tara is a fitness enthusiast who began exercising with Ginny in 2001. She credits Ginny with making her aware of the need for regular exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits!

Tara’s expertise in website design and development, combined with a background in marketing, and her passion for Ginny's Total Wellness Challenges made her a good fit for helping to make these challenges into an online, interactive game. The early days of the challenge were manual forms filled out by challengers and turned in at the end of the challenge. This evolved into Google docs, and finally into a complex system of online point logging, interactive reflections and a real-time score page. Tara's website company, Design TLC , creates custom websites for small and medium businesses with an attention to detail and a high level of customer service. The current TWC functionality was greatly aided in development by Tom Ransom of One Big Idea.