It’s Official!

CBS News reports that unhealthy diets now kill more people than tobacco and high blood pressure. According to a recent […]

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What Is Total Wellness?

The World Health Organization defines wellness as “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the […]

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alarm clock

Who Needs Sleep?

We used to think it was perfectly ok, even admirable, when successful people claimed they needed only four to six […]

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pizza slice

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Pizza?

I am not one of those people who cannot live without pizza. Greasy cheese and mushy dough are not appealing […]

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This 80/20 Rule Isn’t About How Often We Eat Healthy Foods

Hara hachi bu Don’t eat until you’re full One of the most common sayings in Japan is roughly translated to […]

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A Tasty Turkey Burger

Sometimes I get a hankering for a burger; usually a turkey burger. Often the thought of the burger is much […]

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Stay Tuned In

The holiday rush is in full swing now that Thanksgiving is over! For most of us the holidays are a […]

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Do We Need As Much Water In The Winter?

Winter Hydration Although you may not realize it, drinking water and staying hydrated are just as important in the winter […]

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Butternut Squash-A Way You Might Not Have Tried!

I’m pretty sure almost everyone likes butternut squash. What’s not to like? It’s sweet, easy to find and easy to […]

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healthy bean burritos

What’s For Dinner

It’s inevitable. At some point every day the question comes up: “What’s for dinner?” If you’ve planned ahead at the […]

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