Here’s What I Ate Today:
Ginny’s Healthy Meal Plan

Lately I’m working to simplify healthy meal preparation. As many of you know, over the years I’ve experimented with several […]

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food journal healthy habits

The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

We developed the TWC to help our clients and friends learn and practice healthy habits. What sets it apart from […]

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How To Build A Healthy Lunch

Nutrition is a key part of the Total Wellness Challenge and well, life in general. For 27 days we work on avoiding […]

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The Importance Of Sleep

THE FINAL STRETCH This is it, Challengers: We’re entering the final week of the TWC! Did you wonder at the start if […]

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This is a box wit hthe words Remember Why You Started

Remember Why You Started

  We’re getting ready to enter Week 3 of the Challenge — that means we’ve only got two more weeks to go! […]

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Time To Declutter

Most of us spend lots of time and energy trying to slim down our bodies. But new research suggests a better […]

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