How Does the TWC Work?

Nutrition Large

Using a positive approach to good nutrition, the TWC guidelines encourage participants to eat whole foods, including but not limited to fresh produce and lean proteins. Challengers begin each day with 5 points, then using the charts provided add or subtract points based on what they decide to eat and drink that day.  The goal is to do your best to earn a maximum of 12 nutrition points each day. A bonus is automatically awarded after 5 consecutive 12-point days.

Exercise Large

Fitness points are earned when challengers exercise for at least 30 minutes, stretch for at least 5 minutes and/or participate in an organized "extreme fitness" event. A maximum of 3 fitness points can be earned per day.

Lifestyle Large

Earn a point when you practice a different lifestyle challenge each week and when you share a reflection and connect with fellow challengers. A maximum of 3 lifestyle points can be scored per day.