How To Build A Healthy Lunch

Nutrition is a key part of the Total Wellness Challenge and well, life in general. For 27 days we work on avoiding processed, chemicalized foods; relying mostly on whole foods from the earth. We create and execute our exercise plans and we work on other lifestyle practices too but the food thing plays a dominant role in how we earn our daily points.

Creating healthy meals is as easy as following a few simple guidelines. The key word here is simple. Once you come up with a lunch you can assemble quickly–or purchase easily if dining out–stick with it. No need to keep reinventing the wheel!

  1. Get your veggies on. One of our favorite ideas is to make extra veggies for dinner the night before so when you scrounge through the fridge at lunchtime in search of your fiber-filled, nutrient dense component…voila…you don’t have to look very far. Today for example, I used leftover roasted eggplant, sweet potatoes and yellow squash from last night. I also added a handful of arugula for color and crunch.
  2. Decide on a muscle-building protein. It can be animal or plant-based. We believe in a combination of both: tuna, chicken, eggs, beans, tofu, tempeh etc. We’re not big fans of processed lunch meat but if you use high-quality, nitrate-free products like Applegate Farms you’ll be safe. You can find these in almost any local grocery store. Leftover chicken was our protein of the day.
  3. Add a little healthy fat from a drizzle of olive oil, your own balsamic vinaigrette or a few slices of avocado and you’re good to go. It’s that simple. Did we mention that healthy eating does not have to be complicated? It just requires a little pre-planning and yes, you do have to make the time to sit down, take a deep mindful breath and enjoy your food.

                                Here’s Our Idea of A Delicious TWC-Approved Lunch


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