• joday posted an update in the group Spring 2019 Challenge 1 week, 1 day ago

    Definitely harder to TWC (see…it’s a verb) when not working than when you have the routine and structure of a work day. Plus, have always had trouble keeping up steady water drinking when home, and now always home. Yesterday I managed to only lose a half and half in coffee point at an all day Lean+Agile event (catered breakfast AND lunch – I just averted my eyes from those trays…you know the ones I’m talking about…) only to be thwarted by sister’s b’day cake in the p.m. But forgot to post that loser 7 points (for real forgot, not “forgot” forgot). Would have been 12 today but for coming up short on the water!

    • Interesting to learn it’s harder to score points while not working. I would have thought differently. Glad you got to celebrate with your sister and enjoy her cake!

      • Yes! TWC is a verb—my point exactly! I also agree about being home. I find it’s much easier when I’m really busy than when I’m puttering around at home.

      • joday replied 1 week ago

        @ginny…well…the “with” part isn’t exactly how it went down…heh