• juliegantz posted an update in the group Spring 2019 Challenge 4 months ago

    I made chia pudding for the first time – just unsweetened coconut milk and chia seeds in a mason jar – super easy and great with raspberries.

    • I wish I liked chia but find it annoying when it gets stuck in my teeth 🙁

      • After one day of chia pudding, I decided it’s not for me either. Weird texture and not at all like fluffy tapioca pudding I was hoping it would be like. Such a weird texture and those seeds do get stuck everywhere. Bleech. Now I know.

    • I like it and do fine with a little in my eggs in the mornings (I’m a dedicated flosser which helps with the seeds) but I think my stomach doesn’t like chia pudding. I’ve made it a couple of times and liked it but it hasn’t sat well with me.