• So thankful for Arlington Parks! Went for an hour-long walk at Bon Air with Hank the highway rescue and a 5-pound weight … even stopped on a big boulder in the creek to meditate/stretch. Love my Mother Nature.

  • Wow, where does the time go! I meant to post on Sunday and FINALLY have a bit of breathing room. The biggest challenge for me is sweets! I love a quick bit of chocolate or a bite of cookie after lunch. Wine has not been an issue (yet), but it will also be hugely challenging the first time I’m invited to join friends. May just say, No, I have to…[Read more]

    • Or you could allow yourself a couple of wine nights Patty – life is meant to be enjoyed too! Also, one bite of chocolate or cookie should be allowed with the sugar limit (is this right Ginny?), or a couple of chewy figs or prunes. Those are my favorite challenge-friendly sweets!

    • It’s all about your decisions. Sometimes I set goals for myself and say them out loud so I’m sure to stick to them. My goals usually have to do with alcohol. tonight I was invited to our neighbors house and met their friends from around the world. I allowed myself 1 beer bc it seemed the right thing to do but left before the cake :). For sweets I…[Read more]

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