• pflaxman posted an update in the group Spring 2019 Challenge 1 week, 1 day ago

    The challenge has been eye opening- realized that I am truly an ‘abstainer’. I find it easier to avoid things completely rather than have to constantly think about things.

    • What kind of things?

      • Sugar – I am fine with none, but having a little bit seems to open the flood gates (craving it and obsessing about how much!)

        • joday replied 1 week ago

          Side note: I just found out what happened 2 days ago on Tour of CA! Watching yesterday’s tape now (waiting for Sandy for bike ride today) and heard about the switched brakes (why would you do that?) and the finish keeping TJ in the lead. WOW! To be continued in person!

          • I do know someone who has his breaks switched (but he’s missing fingers!) Do you think the EF rider forgot to mention it when they switched bikes)!? Looking forward to Mt Baldy today…

            • joday replied 1 week ago

              You’d think, since he’s a domestique, and his job is to give up his bike to the GC guy if needed, and he’s on a main contender’s team, that it would sort of be a known thing! I have my tape of Mt. Baldy still to watch.